The Ugly Reality of J28

To all local Government Elected Officials: I’m writing to warn you of a far greater danger that occurred on J28 then I have heard anyone discuss. The frustrating part is that I know most of you lack the education, understanding, experience and capacity to respond to it in any meaningful […]

Things I want for Organizing

First thing I want is essentially a non-profit FaceBook for political organizing. FaceBook is in my estimation the most anti-democratic institution to ever exist. People who use it for good are often confused by their own experience and see the good it does when they use it. Problem is that […]

Election Actions!

The first thing to note is the newly formed Coalition to Protect our Community. This is the most likely vector for post-election direct action. Please sign the statement and look for emails on how you can help secure this election.Coalition to Protect our Community Petition The second action is to […]

Honoring Justice Ginsburg or everything changes, again

It seems our constitutional system may just be worthy of the great Justice Ginsburg. My sincere wish is that we honor her passing in profound and lasting ways and it seems in the moment that means fighting harder. Thank you Justice Ginsburg for fighting till your last day and lighting […]

Indigenous Anarchist Federation

The website and twitter feed for the Indigenous Anarchist Federation are a treasure trove of interesting information about indigenous people and indigenous anarchy. This YouTube video on Plains Sign Language they linked to is fascinating look at an aspect of Indigenous culture that is seldom discussed. I can’t really summarize […]

WP&JC 9/20: 2020 International Day of Peace “No Justice, No Peace”

From the Virtual Event Website:​ For the 17th year in a row, Whatcom Peace & Justice Center will host Bellingham’s International Day of Peace celebration. International Day of Peace is WPJC’s main fundraising and educational event of the year, raising critical funds to support the ever more critical work of […]

The Great John Lewis

I listened to the memorial Service stream for Congressman John Lewis. I was blown away to learn the details of his life. Truly an American life that gives a sense of hope and pride. Listen to all of the program if you can. If the full program is too much, […]

Listening Sessions

The Whatcom Human Rights Task Force Board issued this open letter: The picture painted by the letter is disappointing and expected. The letter essentially explains that the city is recreating the trauma of life in White Supremacy Culture recreated in a listening session meant to end it. This is the […]

The Materialization of Past Dreams

So why should I care? How is it we can see ourselves as part of a continuum? How is it we see ourselves as individuals whose contributions will we end at the end of our lifetimes? Because this where the whole issue of what is going to make a difference tomorrow […]

STC: Abolition Study Group 7/22

From their FaceBook Page: Once again, STC is hosting abolition study group this Wednesday from 1-2pm! This is a special week because our conversation will focus on the internal debate within abolitionist circles. For example, sociologist Tamara K. Nopper writes an article [] critiquing the idea that a post-abolition/post-police world […]