I, William Schenken, Have Been a Part of the Problem of Racism

This is a link to post on my personal blog about how I got fooled by the White Supremacy for most of my life:

I want to acknowledge on this blog that I am working to be an effective ally because I have not been in the past. The above post starts to scratch the surface. Racism has been like a pea under my mattress – it’s made everything I’ve tried to do in my life seem hollow and kept me from fully embracing my humanity. So there are so many changes to make and so many new ways of being to discover.

So I’ve started the It’s an Evolution! project by sharing the vision that I have imagined as the realizations of slavery never ending have washed over me, yet I know I have much work to do and share about the most basic issues of being an effective ally. I greatly appreciate you bearing with me.

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