SURJ Programs

I contacted SURJ via email and the sent back information on their programs. See below to get involved!

Currently we have 3 means for collective engagement:
1) Weekly accountability calls – Tuesdays at 4pm on Zoom: We’ve been
holding weekly calls this spring on Zoom to work through calls to action
from BIPOC in our community and state. This has included calling our
representatives to address farmworker rights amidst the Covid pandemic,
calling our city council members to ask them to redistribute police
budgets toward other social programs in our city, and signing state and
national petitions regarding racial justice. These calls are open to
2) White caucus accountability “pods” or “circles”: There are regularly
calls from BIPOC organizers for White people to do the work of learning
about white supremacy and unlearning how it shapes our thoughts,
feelings, and behaviors. BIPOC scholars and activists have already done
so much labor toward educating White people, publishing articles, books,
videos, workbooks, social media accounts, and more, that White people
can access to facilitate our learning. Over the last couple of years,
we’ve been hosting White caucus accountability circles, or “pods” as we
call them, to bring White people together to a: do the work of unpacking
white supremacy together and b: build relationship, political analysis,
and practice collective decision-making.

3) Sustained giving planning: After stimulus checks were issued this
spring, a small group of us worked together to develop a participatory
budget process to redistribute portions of our stimulus checks to
BIPOC-led organizations. Our next phase of engaging with reparations and
redistribution efforts is to develop sustained giving plans – to think
about intersections between race and class and come up with sustained
plans individually and collectively for monthly expressions of
solidarity through donations. We’re exploring how to thoughtfully set
this up in the months ahead.

Here’s our new sign-up form so you can let us know how you want to be
involved in any of this work (Note: Info collected on this form is
password-protected and will only be used to invite people into
anti-racism efforts in our county)

Sign-Up Form

We look forward to organizing and mobilizing with you all to engage in
multiracial anti racism work together.

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