The Subtle Manipulation

The local group Bellingham Friends Meeting hosted a program on July 1st, 2020 titled the Whatcom Racial Justice Forum (on YouTube). The program description:

A diverse panel of community leaders and social activists discuss racial justice issues in Whatcom County. Panelists are Jonathan Randolph – Entrepreneur and Professional Singer, Shirley Williams – Member and resident of Lummi Nation, Flo Simon – Deputy Police Chief, Bellingham Police Department, Rosalinda Guillén – Community to Community, Satpal Sidhu – Whatcom County Executive. Moderated by J Lee Cook. Sponsored by Bellingham Friends Meeting”

the comments from Shirley Williams and Rosalinda Guillén were especially poignant and chilling. They shared several important and concerning issues about the police and their collaboration with ICE and Border Patrol. Please watch the forum to hear their comments if you take away anything from reading this!

What was disappointing though was the subtle manipulation of the issue of defunding the police by Flo Simon. She explained that she became a police officer to improve policing because she had had bad interactions with the police herself. She positioned herself as the good cop trying to make the police kinder and gentler.

Yet when someone asked about the practicality of defunding the police, Flo said it was feasible, but the money would come from training first and personal second. “That’s just the way it works,” she said with body language best described as a shrug emoji. There’s nothing that can be done about it. Cutting the budget is fine, they will just stop training officers.

What is implied but not said by our Good Cop Flo is that a lack of training will lead to an ineffective and dangerous police force. She is threatening the populace with random acts of violence by a dysfunctional police force if we cut police funding because that’s the way it works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have not looked this up but I’m guessing this is a police union policy meant to make budget cuts unpalatable.

That is a straight up dominator manipulation technique. That is gaslighting. That is scary abusive boyfriend stuff. The additional passive-aggressive packaging of “sure, defunding the police is feasible” is just creepy. Flo – please tell us we are wrong. Send us a note. Maybe there’s an explanation… Cause if you understand defunding the police, then you know part of the problem is that the police union plays games like this instead of being a genuine partner. Which is why it has to be defunded like an alcoholic that needs to have their bottle poured out.

There were plenty of answers available to Good Cop Flo. Like maybe identify the policy that says training gets cut first and change it to cut even more personal and provide them with better training. We want police to be well trained so they can be successful in their call to make communities safe. Cutting training makes no sense other than as a manipulation tactic.

No More Cop Unions

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