STC: Abolition Study Group 7/22

From their FaceBook Page:

Once again, STC is hosting abolition study group this Wednesday from 1-2pm! This is a special week because our conversation will focus on the internal debate within abolitionist circles.

For example, sociologist Tamara K. Nopper writes an article [] critiquing the idea that a post-abolition/post-police world would ACTUALLY look like a white suburb.

We are also asking folks to listen to this conversation [] between Angela Davis and Ruth Wilson Gilmore. Moderated by Beth Richie, this talk challenges many common assumptions of abolition, including the belief that profit is the motive behind all prisons.

As always, anyone is welcome to attend! Even if you’ve never been before or weren’t able to finish the material for this week – please join!

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 846 797 8198
Passcode: 123

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