The Materialization of Past Dreams

So why should I care? How is it we can see ourselves as part of a continuum? How is it we see ourselves as individuals whose contributions will we end at the end of our lifetimes? Because this where the whole issue of what is going to make a difference tomorrow comes in. You might say “well abolition may not be accomplished in its fullest sense for a while and by then I’ll be dead” so why should I care?

I mean that’s the attitude that’s [uncovered?]… a real task of abolition practice is to encourage a different kind of temporality and encourage people to imagine themselves as the materialization of past dreams. That’s the call.  We are what our ancestors who were struggling imagined. And How can we do the work that will bring another generation, and another generation and another generation and yet another one in to being. Thats a kind of spiritual dimension that I think is so important that I’ve learned from [young activists].

Angela Davis, 2017, Critical Resistance

I did my best to transcribe this gem of many gems from this talk. The audio is… challenging and worth it.

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