Honoring Justice Ginsburg or everything changes, again

It seems our constitutional system may just be worthy of the great Justice Ginsburg. My sincere wish is that we honor her passing in profound and lasting ways and it seems in the moment that means fighting harder. Thank you Justice Ginsburg for fighting till your last day and lighting the path so brightly.

Before the pain could even set in or the despair of our new judicial reality take hold, a friend sent a note…

“Congress has the constitutional authority to set the number of Supreme Court Justices. Court packing should 100% be a campaign issue.”

Then I started to see the idea in my twitter feed. Then I saw a democrat in congress tweeting about. Then this morning, it really hit me.

We can moonshot our way out of most of our structural political problems in two years. First, pack the court. I say we add 6 justices cause there is going to be so much legal work to do to recover from donnie treason’s coup.

Step two – fix the issues the court has created by codifying Roe v Wade, overturning citizens united, and various other decisions interfering with free and fair elections.

Step three – national election reform. I’m not sure exactly what this looks like but you can imagine a Voting Rights Act 2.0 that address the modern age. We need a national discussion that reinvigorates democracy. That could look like imposing national standards on states by tying voting policy to federal funding like was done with interstate funding to raise the drinking age to 21. Ideally we would get things like Instant Run Off voting or universal vote by mail but even just some retrenchment against all the voter disenfranchisement efforts would give some room to breathe.

Then let people vote in two years. If we can somehow find a way to organize and communicate through the multi-pronged attack that will come at this effort, then it might just restore democracy and invigorate participation. Then a new world is possible where we can address every issue from police abolition to climate change constructively.

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