Things I want for Organizing

First thing I want is essentially a non-profit FaceBook for political organizing. FaceBook is in my estimation the most anti-democratic institution to ever exist. People who use it for good are often confused by their own experience and see the good it does when they use it. Problem is that they don’t see all the harm it does when the evil people use it unless they read the articles and watch the documentaries on how it is abused. Does any company reach the kind of market valuation FaceBook has without being harmful?

So I imagine the basic framework of FaceBook with all of its powerful collaboration tools without the ads and manipulation. We would need to fund it through membership fees or donations. Imagine public television but as social media.

The key function I would add, my second thing, is a robust petition function. Instead of using the “most calls/emails to the politician wins” tactic, what if we developed petitions that got massive support. Instead of a hundred people calling elected all day, there was a petition with 50,000 signees saying they will vote for politicians that support the petition. Being able to demonstrate broad support from people that vote and donate to campaigns seems like real political power.

The last thing I want is a Zoom like conferencing system with more facilitation tools. I want one person to have the floor at a time and timers showing how long each person has had the floor. Then systems to prioritize people that have spoken the least and the ability to yield time directly to people you want to hear more from. In other words, real time democratic allocation of community space. The irony here is that I want this to help me limit myself as much as anything.

If anybody else is interested, get at me in the contact form.

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