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Indigenous Anarchist Federation

The website and twitter feed for the Indigenous Anarchist Federation are a treasure trove of interesting information about indigenous people and indigenous anarchy. This YouTube video on Plains Sign Language they linked to is fascinating look at an aspect of Indigenous culture that is seldom discussed. I can’t really summarize […]

STC: Abolition Study Group 7/22

From their FaceBook Page: Once again, STC is hosting abolition study group this Wednesday from 1-2pm! This is a special week because our conversation will focus on the internal debate within abolitionist circles. For example, sociologist Tamara K. Nopper writes an article [] critiquing the idea that a post-abolition/post-police world […]

The Subtle Manipulation

The local group Bellingham Friends Meeting hosted a program on July 1st, 2020 titled the Whatcom Racial Justice Forum (on YouTube). The program description: A diverse panel of community leaders and social activists discuss racial justice issues in Whatcom County. Panelists are Jonathan Randolph – Entrepreneur and Professional Singer, Shirley […]

It’s a System

Our community is a system where what happens in one area of our community affects what happens in other areas. What happened in other parts of the world also affects what happens in our community. The police are not embattled with our communities because a butterfly flapped their wings in […]