It’s An Evolution

People have sought to shift out of the dominator paradigm since they recognized they were suffering its wrath. Popular culture has assured us for years that the only option available to break the chains of oppression is a revolution that topples the state only to create another kind of tyranny. This leads people to relent to working the electoral system for hopes of small reforms, only to have them lost in the next election cycle.

Incremental changes in species are observed in nature but the evolutionary changes happen rapidly. When scientists look to nature, they see that rapid changes are possible and happen frequently through evolution. Fossil records indicate that species do not slowly change in meaningful ways; they suddenly undergo significant changes that create a new equilibrium – a new normal. This doesn’t happen by magic; it happens because species respond to changes in their environment. 

At this moment, humanity is witnessing the beginning of a period of rapid change for the human species. Technology has given us a new intimate view of what people of color, and especially black and indigenous people, in the United States experience on a daily basis and people of conscious find themselves compelled to end this ongoing atrocity. White Americans are starting the work to end the horror by listening to Communities of Color so white Americans can support the vision of Communities of Color for finding justice. White people can only be part of the solution by offering their resources in ways that support Communities of Color.

This time the people are not waiting for politicians to act. They are not waiting for a messiah. They are organizing in the streets, on the phone, via text and online. Because people everywhere are waking up to slavery never ending for Black Americans. Because the brutality in the streets by the police comes after numerous spectacular signals that the federal government is completely broken. From the monster in the white house to the death toll of COVID19, it is clear that we must believe that we are the ones we have we been waiting for to end this cruelty. 

If everyone who believes that we can heed our better angels, finds their place on the rope to pull, we can evolve our species by evolving how we govern. We can heal ourselves. We can make the world we all know in our hearts is possible, real. We can end the revolving circle of violence and evolve into a self-governing society. The hierarchical mess we have now will never govern as well as we can govern together. There is strength in numbers. It’s an evolution baby and everybody’s invited to evolve.